Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vintage Clothes-splosion!!!!

What a weekend!!! Well just Sunday really. I worked on Saturday, providing coffee and awesome food for the residents of Goodwin Village.
Sunday. Well, i have been looking forward to this sunday for ohhh, about a month?! This weekend was the bi-anual (?)"The way we wear" vintage clothing fair at Albert Hall in Canberra. Needless to say, i went a little crazy, but i didnt blow my budget so i will be able to pay rent this month.
There was a fantastic turnout of vintage and antique clothing dealers and i could have walked out with about a billion dollars worth of clothes had my budget permitted, but becuase im a poor uni student, i had to choose wisley, which i think i did.

This wonderful 50's day dress is too small!!! But i couldnt leave it there. Thinking of taking it to a seamstress to see if its possible to take it out. Wouldnt want to ruin this one!

How awesome is the print!!

Sarah at MisfitsVintage sold me this cute head piece

Awesome 40's suit

Without suit jacket

A pincurl set i did earlier this week. Just thought id throw that in...
Anyway, I must stop procrastonating and study. I have 1 exam this semester and i think i need to get about 100% to pass the unit, so to the books!!!!
Ta Ta for now!!


  1. Your the only person i know who could pull of stuff like that :)

  2. Sam, you look SO gorgeous in that hat and the green suit - just stunning! And your pin curls are perfectly gorgeous! Look forward to seeing you at the next vintage market. Misfit Sarah xxx

  3. what an amazing headpiece and so many gorgeous numbers. love your blog & will be back for more! x

  4. That dress material is gorgeous! Love it! To the point where i am contemplating breaking into your house a stealing it. lol. Definately like the 40's skirt too. Very nice. Wish i could have gone to fair but i was totally poor that week and knew i wouldnt be able to resist buying something if i did go.