Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So, one of my first posts was after "The way we wear" vintage fashion fair, and I showed you guys an awesome dress I purchased. If you don't remember or are new around here, this is the original post, and here is a picture of the dress.

 So, the plan was to turn the dress into a skirt, because it was tiny. I'm pretty sure it was made for a child. I recently started setting up my sewing room, and finally got around to chopping it in half and making it wearable! Yay! This is how it turned out...

I look super tall or something here. I assure you, I'm not.
Skirt: Vintage: Re-fashioned by me
Blouse: Op-shopped
Shoes: Old bus depot markets

Please excuse my empty book case. I haven't got round to moving my books in yet.
So basically, I just separated the bodice from the skirt and made a waistband out of the bodice fabric, attached it and re-inserted the zipper in pretty much the same spot. I probably could have used more interfacing to stabilize the waistband but it turned out pretty well I think.

Hope your week is going well!

Ciao Lovies

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hair cuts and police hats

So, 4 days ago an important decision was made. One that will change my life for the next 2 weeks or so.....I got a hair cut! Its now quite short. My hair is outrageous and grows like mould in the shower (really quickly) so its not really a big decision. If its doesn't turn out well, it will only be a short time until it returns to half decency. It turned out OK. A little hard to pin curl, but i rag curled it the other day and it turned out OK. I need to make my sections bigger so it doesn't frizz as much.

Anywho, moving on from my hair, one of Harry's friends is moving to Melbourne to join Victoria Police, so last night we went out on the town. It was super exciting. Filled with unique and fascinating bars and people, oozing with zing and pzazz.....well not really. One can dream. It was a bunch of dudes, me and another WAG Hannah. It was fun. The boys are entertaining. Hannah is a cool chic, she's also a chic and she doesn't talk about guns and trucks and she uses words, not acronyms (the boys are all in the Army, hence never knowing what they are talking about).
We went to a bar that specializes in foreign beers, particularly German and the likes. The also have awesome food. I drank most of a giant beer and donated the remains. Ate a chocolate hazelnut calzone, and drank an incredibly strong long island ice tea, hence my headache this morning. 

The original Glamour Couple! 

Anywho, this is what I wore, I finally caught up with like 2007 and got an iPhone so sorry about the grainy photos. I'm really bad at blogging and always forget my camera lol... 

Top: Cotton On like 3 years ago (after my bag got left behind on my flight to Big Day Out)
Skirt, scarf, cardi: Op Shopped
Belt: Gift from Mum
Shoes: Vintage, One Legged Jockey
Bag: Vintage, from a fair, don't remember the name.

 So, I hope you are having a good weekend. Keep up the good work!

Toodle pip!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Nana in suits

I love a good suit. It says "I mean business". Even if your just on your Sunday walk.
As i said in my last post, I spent Christmas in Melbourne with my Mums family. For Christmas, my Mum got this mini scanner thingo of my Dad, so while we were there, we had a field day scanning old photos that belong to my grandparents.
One recurring theme with photos of my Nana is suits. She loved suits. When I travel back in time I'm telling her to keep all her clothes for her awesome future grand daughter because she had style!

So, without further ado, here they are, my Nana in suits!

Suits and babies...also telling her to keep that pram how sweet is it!!!

Just out walking in the countryside, in a suit

Toodle pip lovies,


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Helloooo blog land!! Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you all!! Ive been on a little holiday. I went to Melbourne for Christmas to visit my Mums family, and then went to the south coast for a few days with my boyfriend to visit his Mum and Stepdad, and then boosted up to Sydney for the night to see Interpol (boyfriends Christmas present). Melbourne was coolness, the coast kind of wasn't coolness as i got the flu and that's not really fun; and Sydney/Interpol was coolness also.

So, here are some photos from my travels.....

Christmas day started well in this Laura Ashley dress I found in Estonia, my vintage utility shoes, blue hat and sweet white gloves

It ended in an apron, my mums moccasins and a dog oven mitt (photo to come at a later date)

Boxing day, a little less glam, my Mum, Sisters and two of my rockin Aunties.

Shorts: "cupcake" from KL, Malaysia.
Top: JayJay's (eek) many moons ago
Cardi and scarf Op shopped
Shoes: Shcu London

Sissies and I

Almost my whole family

Just chillin in the butterfly house at the Melbourne Zoo. Butterflies kept landing on my hat.

Cute niece at Scienceworks

Me at Scienceworks, on a cool ass bike

Jeans: Made by me
Top, cardi: op Shopped
Belt: gift from mother
Shoes: Converse all stars

Sis and Niece on a cool couch at Scienceworks, we are the coolest aunties around

Cutie making me a coffee at Scienceworks

Lookin like a dork at The Enmore waiting for Interpol

Just pulling down my shorts

Shorts: Cupcakes from Malaysia
Blouse: Op shopped
Shoes: Schu London

I picked up this lot from this cute antiques/gift/book shop in Mogo on the south coast called "Past and Present". A pretty pink scarf, gloves to match my blue hat, stockings and a lovely hat pin
 So, I hope you all had a fun festive season, now back to the salt mines and uni and work and stuff...

Cheerio kids