Tuesday, July 19, 2011

By the sea side

Wow, I'm a terrible blogger. Once a month, got to pick it up a bit I reckon.
So, I'm in Coffs Harbour visiting my family at the moment. My dear baby sister is doing her HSC this year. One of her subjects is photography, and she has decided to do some "vintage" photography for her major photography assignment.
After much discussion about what actually constitutes "Vintage photography", we came to the conclusion that she wanted photos of me in me vintage threads, with an old school arty photography feel or something. Anyway, yesterday I got all dressed up (despite my Coffs Harbour cold coming on) and we traipsed around the country side looking for somewhere to take some photos. We decided on the lookout that overlooks the harbour. All well and good. I start frolicking along a hillside, looking kind of like a freak in front of a bunch of tourists, and dear baby sis's camera dies......WOO!!!!!! So she whips out her phone and starts snapping with some "vintage photos" app, which surprisingly, turned out quite well. Not being a photographer type myself, I'm really impressed with what one can do with a phone and a free app.
After being looked at sort of strangely by the coast watch dudes in there tower thingy, we decided to try another location.

*WARNING* the following paragraph contains boring local history. Skip if you do so wish.
At the south end of the harbour is a sentry point from the second world war. During the second world war, Coffs Harbour was seen as a vital point in the east coast of Australia. Its about halfway between Sydney and Brisbane with good roads leading to both cities. It also had a harbour and an airfield, so it was defended quite rigorously during the war.
There were coastal patrols by locals and sentry points set up at sites along the coast. The Army cadet unit from Coffs Harbour was the only Cadet unit to ever actually do anything of importance to national security when they did armed patrols along the beaches and sentry duty along the coast. My former high school had an armoury and there was a big "secret" communications bunker (which is now a cartoon gallery) near town.
Most of the sentry points on the headlands are still there, so we headed down to the closest one, and this is what we came up with....

Before the real camera died

Waiting for my sweetheart to return

So there we go, the beginnings of Rubies assignment!

Oh, also, if your interested (your probably not though), outfit as follows, Dress: Vintage from London, Cardi: Vintage from Misfits Vintage, Shoes from "Schu", Snood from the Darling Sisters, Belt from Mum, Sweetheart pin: Antique from Sweetheart, Socks: one from Target, one from BigW. Im rubbish at matching socks once they have been in the washing machine.

I hope you are staying warm. Needless to say it is far warmer up here in Coffs than it has been in Canberra. I will be glad when winter is over!