Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maxtreem puffiness

I have an exam on Monday. I should be studying. Instead i sewed on Saturday night (i know, I'm soooo exciting). I haven't finished the dress, but i thought id show off my textiles project from year 12. It was like 3 years ago, but I'm still mighty impressed by my handy work, despite the fact i was up until like 1 am the night before it was due, re-sewing the zipper in as i didn't allow extra room for a zipper when i modified the pattern....

So, without further ado.................

The MTP (Major Textiles Project)

Napoleonic style dress in green satin back shantung
 My heart sank at an exhibition of projects from the previous year when i saw about three other dresses that used the same pattern as mine...

None of them had gotten good marks for their projects...
Train-ie bit
 I got a pretty good mark. Textiles was my best subject!

 I loved the solvy web. Its such a cool technique.

sleeves covered in solvy web. Web created with bits of Satin back shantung, ribbon and lace.
 I hand sewed many of the inside seams and the bodice is completely enclosed.

I got the cream lace at an antiques fair. The whole roll for like $10!! The lady at the stand said that girls should get used to having nice things and she discounted the price for me.

I do hope to actually wear this dress one day. I would have worn it to my formal but it was away for marking.
Maybe to next years Regie birthday......

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