Friday, May 20, 2011


About 3 weeks ago, we went on a picnic. Im finished uni for the semester, so I can finally spend some time doing fun stuff on the internet, and off the internet.
Yay for the outdoors. I think I was a lizzard in a past life, as ive spent a considerable amount of time latley hunting for sun and just sitting, or standing very still, soaking up the limited rays as we head into a cold and lonley winter. Soldier boy is heading off for a while with the army, so dont be too alarmed if this blog goes a tad emo. Ill try to keep a level head. I tried emo before, it didnt really go well....

Jeans: made by me
Blouse: Misfits Vintage
Cardi: Op-shopped
Shoes: Big W
Snood: The Darling Sisters

I wear these jeans a lot. They are my fallbacks. They go with almost all of my blouses and they are warm. I can wear them with a snood or a scarf in my hair. Ive worn them to work (on mufti day). They are my favourites. Some people think they look silly, but I dont. I think that paying $400 for "distressed" denim is silly. 

Enough harping for one day I think.