Wednesday, December 22, 2010

They see me rollin...they hatin...

So, one of my goals for the holidays/uni break/summer, was to work on victory rolls. I wore them again last week to work (We had another function on. I still need an excuse to whip these babies out). They turned out quite well. I pin curled my hair the night before and wore in in a hairnet in a "snood" style I guess. I like this style. Its out but its in. If you get what I'm saying. Probably not, so ill stop crapping on and show you my damn hair...

Also, this is my sister...she blogs about mum stuff over at Her child is the cutest kid ever and I pretty much want to steal her. She is pretty much my favourite person ever (tied with my boyfriend and my mum I guess). She wants Santa to bring her a vacuum freaking sweet is that!

Whats that i hear?? Haven't seen that hat before???
More about that later!

Also, at dancing, there are these two lovely ladies who seem to enjoy my styles a whole lot. So the other day one of them had purchased a dress online. She thought it was my styles and brought it in so I could try it on for sizing...It was pretty darn cute...may have to pop over to the aris allen store they told me about, although holding out will probably be better for my bank account. They specialise in shoes for swing....this could be risky...

Messy hair after work and dancing (plus the nap I threw in between the two)

Hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to Christmas!!

Cheerio lovies!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The blue skirt

So, my Summer to do list is going OK. I have been working a lot, which is a good thing, because I'm going to Melbourne on Sunday (yay) and as everyone knows, Melbourne rocks as far as shopping goes, so a little extra dosh wont go astray.

I tried Victory rolls for work the other day, my customers (residents? the peeps i make coffee for) frikin loved them! Not to mention the activity lady who was like showing me pictures of The Andrews Sisters and telling me how much it was like them. One lady said it looked like a Geisha hairstyle (????).

Any who, Darling boyfriend told me at like 5pm that his friend from Army and his Lady Love were having more going away drinks before they move to America, and he would come and pick me up at like 7:30. How bloody rude. 2 hours. And I was in the middle of deciding weather or not to add solvy web to a sewing project I'm working on at the moment. Anyway, I chucked some hot rollers in my hair (which didnt work well at all!) and went back to sewing for a bit.
I came up with this...

My blue 50's style circle skirt I got from a vintage fair I went to in Sydney a few months ago, and this cute blouse I picked up at Salvo's Phillip for like $5.

Blouse: Salvo's Phillip
Skirt: Vintage - We love Vintage Fair Sydney
Shoes: Vintage - One Legged Jockey Portsmouth

The Captain and his Lady Love will be missed. One less WAG for our bunch. But one more friend overseas. A couch to sleep on if i ever find myself in a tight spot in Washington DC.

Swing Christmas Party on Thursday. Its a beach theme......what the hell am I going to wear!!!! I don't do beach.

Toodle pip lovelies!