Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shoes! Shoes? Shoes....Shoes!

I like shoes. A simple statement. A common statement amongst women, especially those who have a love of fashion.                        

Jen's shoes    

My like of shoes differs a little to the sky high, platform ankle snappers found today. This is for several reasons

1. I work hard. I'm a waitress and a carer in a nursing home, so I'm on my feet all day most days. When i get home, and on my days off, i like to be comfortable and my poor feet need some soothing after running around all day. So i like shoes that are comfortable and that have enough room for orthotics. I fear that if i don't start looking after my feet now, that ill regret it later. So i try to find shoes that are comfortable and good for my feet but also look awesome too...this can be hard.

Uni Nursing uniform. Comfy shoes and cool hair.

2. I am clumsy. I am so clumsy. I once broke an entire tray (about 20 or so) of glasses because i didn't put in in the slot properly. I regularly spill coffee's when delivering them to tables because i run into the doorway with my arm. Always the coffee arm too!!! I trip over regularly and i once accidentally stabbed myself in the wrist whilst cutting potato's. So, ankle snappers are not good for me. I also like it when a shoe is attached to my foot by a strap or laces, because i also often step in gum or kick shoes off. Don't ask me how. It just happens.

3. I kind of like being short. When i was a kid, my pituitary gland like chucked a little tanty and got greedy with its growth hormone. Basically it was being rude and refused to release growth hormone, so i didn't really grow very much. Being a shortie runs in my family, but it probably wouldn't be cool if i had stayed the same height i was as a 5 year old, which was really small. So i had to take growth hormones for like 7 years. Giving myself nightly injections, which partially contributed to my decision to start nursing. So my pituitary gland and i have reached equilibrium. Ive grown to be a normal sized person and I'm embracing being short. Its who i am. So wearing sky high heels that make me look like skelator just isn't me.
Me and my Sis. We've been Styles since about 1994

4. I like practical stuff. "Make do and mend" is one of my favourite slogans and I'm inspired by utility wear of WW11 and the resourcefulness of women during the time. You cant build planes in stilettos!

But.....when we were in the UK, i found the most wonderful shoes ever!!!! They are 1940's brown utility shoes!!! I wear them as much as possible. They aren't too tall and they are surprisingly comfy.

These are my favourite shoe!!!

Awesome shoes in a boat beer garden.
Shoes: Vintage - One legged jockey - Portsmouth England

Do others have just one pair of favourites or are you hard pressed to choose???


  1. i guess clumsiness also runs in the family with shortness i always trip and spill coffee lol
    but olivia didnt get the short gen! i took her to the docotrs the other day she is the 80th precentile or what ever for her age bracet
    is that one me?

  2. yeah. I think its at that car and bike show we went to. You know the one where Rubie was like playing on the rope covered in mud. Yeah Liv must get it from craig. That, or tallness skips like 3 generations in our family lol.

  3. I love that IT crowd episode. I've had to stop myself from doing that sooo many times. Couldnt resist at Harrods though buying a pair of cute yellow flats for 20 pounds. They really dont fit properly but so cute! And i could not pick 1 pair of favourite shoes, although I do love my black heels despite how impractical they are. I also have a lot to choose from, many or which i dont wear but just live in their boxes. In first year year at uni some of the guys i lived with thought it would be hilarious to break into my room and steal all my shoe boxes and leave my shoes in a pile in the middle of my room. So unimpressed! I couldnt cope.

    Loving the blog by the way. Very cute. I love old things too, although im not quite as hardcore as you. But i like day dreaming and looking at your pretty photos :)

    Ta Ta