Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So, one of my first posts was after "The way we wear" vintage fashion fair, and I showed you guys an awesome dress I purchased. If you don't remember or are new around here, this is the original post, and here is a picture of the dress.

 So, the plan was to turn the dress into a skirt, because it was tiny. I'm pretty sure it was made for a child. I recently started setting up my sewing room, and finally got around to chopping it in half and making it wearable! Yay! This is how it turned out...

I look super tall or something here. I assure you, I'm not.
Skirt: Vintage: Re-fashioned by me
Blouse: Op-shopped
Shoes: Old bus depot markets

Please excuse my empty book case. I haven't got round to moving my books in yet.
So basically, I just separated the bodice from the skirt and made a waistband out of the bodice fabric, attached it and re-inserted the zipper in pretty much the same spot. I probably could have used more interfacing to stabilize the waistband but it turned out pretty well I think.

Hope your week is going well!

Ciao Lovies


  1. you have a sewing room! my crap is all over the table lol

  2. LOVE it! You are so clever and I love that fabric.

    I am SO looking forward to my jeans! Which reminds me... must do my measurements and send to you. Just as soon as I award you with a Stylish Blogger Award - go check my blog!

    Sarah xxx