Thursday, January 6, 2011

Helloooo blog land!! Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you all!! Ive been on a little holiday. I went to Melbourne for Christmas to visit my Mums family, and then went to the south coast for a few days with my boyfriend to visit his Mum and Stepdad, and then boosted up to Sydney for the night to see Interpol (boyfriends Christmas present). Melbourne was coolness, the coast kind of wasn't coolness as i got the flu and that's not really fun; and Sydney/Interpol was coolness also.

So, here are some photos from my travels.....

Christmas day started well in this Laura Ashley dress I found in Estonia, my vintage utility shoes, blue hat and sweet white gloves

It ended in an apron, my mums moccasins and a dog oven mitt (photo to come at a later date)

Boxing day, a little less glam, my Mum, Sisters and two of my rockin Aunties.

Shorts: "cupcake" from KL, Malaysia.
Top: JayJay's (eek) many moons ago
Cardi and scarf Op shopped
Shoes: Shcu London

Sissies and I

Almost my whole family

Just chillin in the butterfly house at the Melbourne Zoo. Butterflies kept landing on my hat.

Cute niece at Scienceworks

Me at Scienceworks, on a cool ass bike

Jeans: Made by me
Top, cardi: op Shopped
Belt: gift from mother
Shoes: Converse all stars

Sis and Niece on a cool couch at Scienceworks, we are the coolest aunties around

Cutie making me a coffee at Scienceworks

Lookin like a dork at The Enmore waiting for Interpol

Just pulling down my shorts

Shorts: Cupcakes from Malaysia
Blouse: Op shopped
Shoes: Schu London

I picked up this lot from this cute antiques/gift/book shop in Mogo on the south coast called "Past and Present". A pretty pink scarf, gloves to match my blue hat, stockings and a lovely hat pin
 So, I hope you all had a fun festive season, now back to the salt mines and uni and work and stuff...

Cheerio kids


  1. Hey Sam, You are so gorgeous and it looks as though you had so much fun! You are so lucky to have such a big family. Gorgeous finds from Mogo - those gloves are pretty fab. You wanna make me a pair of those jeans? Seriously, can we talk? You can email me at

    Sarah xxx