Monday, June 20, 2011

Crocheting a blanket out of babies.

So, my sister dearest is up the duff, again. This will be her second baby and they found out a couple of weeks ago, that its a boy. Ive mentioned my niece Olivia here before, and how cool I think she is, now ill have another child to dote on during my visits up north (Oh how I wish I was there now, its freezing here in the 'bez).
As soon as Jemima told me the news, I went out and purchased blue baby yarn. Its thinner than regular yarn, and I have to say, it makes for a finer, more delicate crochet and I'm beginning to think ill have trouble parting with this blanket.

My friend Zoe is a super awesome knitter,we, along with our super awesome musical friend Laura were once perusing the yarn selection in lincraft and came upon the baby yarn...she piped up "Baby yarn, yarn made out of babies" we had a giggle, only to be shot daggers by a little old lady who had overheard our conversation....Either our sick nursing sense of humour has kicked in or someone needs to lighten up...or both...probably both.

My shift got cancelled today, and to tell you the truth, I don't really mind. I mean, ill be eating pasta bake for another week, but its pretty rainy and awesome outside, the perfect day for pottering around the house. I have a load of readings to do for the "Remote Emergency Care" course I'm doing next weekend, so today is the perfect day to curl up on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea and read my way through about 1000 pages of words that I mostly don't know the meanings of.....

Anywho, enough rambling, this is what I'm wearing today. The factory girl look is one of my fav's. Its easy, its practical and its warm. Tick, tick and tick

Overalls: Op-Shop
Blouse: Vintage
Head scarf: Just Jeans, years ago

So I hope everyone is staying warm, I know im trying.

Tata chickas!!

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