Thursday, June 2, 2011

Being engaged and stuff

So, what a week it has been!

Last Wednesday, we went for a walk, and sat on our favourite fallen log, and Soldier Boy popped out a ring and said "hows about it baby" (well, more like, will you marry me, eventually), and I said yes. Then we moved to our favourite big rock sat some more, me mostly giggling. Then we came home and kinda went..."errr...what do we do now???" so we broke out the scotch/brandy and watched some TV.

Before he left too be awesome dor a while, we went and took cool photos with Sarah of Misfits Vintage. She did an awesome job. And she was wearing a cardigan with dominoes for buttons. One word....Sauceome!

So, we don't know when were actually getting married. It hasn't stopped me from trawling etsy for vintage dresses though.......


And a few outfit shots for good measure...

Dress, Hat: Vintage
Shoes, Parasol: Retail
Brooch: Antique Australian Army sweetheart pin, Ebay



  1. You gorgeous spunk! I can't wait to take more pics of you, beautiful girl. And yay for vintage wedding!

    Sarah xxx