Friday, April 15, 2011

Sauceome iPhone photography

So, if you haven't already noticed, I'm not the interwebs best ever blogger. I haven't posted in over a month, because basically, ive been saving lives in the Emergency Department of one of Canberra's hospitals. This is pretty much me at the moment:

Yeah, government really needs to boost funding...not super sanitary...
Anywho, don't own a super duper fancy camera and I cant use photo shop to save myself.
I do however have an iPhone and a mirror and not a lot of spare time, so I will FINALLY post again, with a small collection of photos I call "iPhone chic: gal on the run"

On our way to the pub! Im so excited hehe!

The "Thelma and Louise", our favourite of all poses.

And again...

Awesome gloves I got at the last "Fash n Treasure" in Canberra

Off to study after acquiring awesome wellies from the op shop at the ABC flats. Skirt and Blouse from "Misfits Vintage", Socks from "Rubi shoes"

Casual Sam. Jeans: Made by me, Blouse "The vintage nest", Bellingen; Cardi: Its a secret, Scarf: Just Jeans, Shoes: New Yorker, in Munich Germany...yeah...

So, the end of semester is coming up fast, therefore I may be doing some cool stuff soon. ANZAC day is next week, and there will definitely be photos. Its pretty much the only day of the year that I drink (Gunfire breakfast, rum in hot chocolate is a solid winner!), and Soldier Boy's unit has a good number of boys (himself included) going away to fight the war in the pacific (ok, peacekeeping in the pacific) for a while this year, so im anticipating a big day.

Anywho, must be off, have hair to do!

Toodle pip chickies!!


  1. Gorgeous pics Sam! Let's catch up soon - we have hat conversations in the waiting. Also - I love that pic of you saving lives!

    Sarah xxx

  2. We certianly do! I'll probably have to re-do my roots AGAIN!
    Yeah, thats me, getting right in amongst it. Up to my elbows in blood and guts. I really am enjoying it though. Think I may have found my calling.

  3. Your hair wrap is so adorable!! A good go to look for any vintage gal in need to head some unruly hair (especially mine)!

    Strawberry Moth

  4. Lovee this outfit, so adorable!