Saturday, February 5, 2011


Wives and Girlfriends......what can I say about this unique breed of woman. To be the wife or girlfriend of a serviceman is not an easy feat. You have to put up with a lot of crap. Mainly, well in my case anyway, army (dis)organisation. Were leaving on the 8th. No, the planes broke, were leaving in a week and a half. Wait on, were leaving this afternoon....
I get that you cant set some things in stone. Sometimes, routines don't work. I work in health care. Routines don't really work at all. Something always comes up and your routine gets thrown out. You think your shift is going really well, then 4 people that need mechanical lifters all need to go to the toilet at the same time, and Mr Jones has a fall. You end up running between rooms with people who cant control their legs sitting on toilets, while trying to mop up the bit that missed the bowl.
So, the point is, you have to learn to be adaptable, and be OK with it.
Anyway, the reason I'm writing this dribble on my blog about clothes and stuff, is that I found a bunch of photos from when my Grandpop was at sea, and my Nana was livin it I thought id share, as my Nana has style, at my Grandpop has cool hair.

Grandpop, chillin in Venezuela

Nana and the Girls chillin at redcar, or Blackpool or some other British beach with a colour in the name.

Old mate, sleeping in the background

And Grandpops hair. I think he wanted to be Dirk Bogard
So, there we have it. Some styles from the Grandparentals. Nana being awesome and Grandpop having hipster in 2011 hair. My Grandparents kind of rock.



  1. i love looking at nanna and garndpops old photos lol

  2. They totally rock. I love your grandad's hair and your nanna's frocks and I LOVE your grandad sleeping with all the ladies sitting and giggling. Great pics Sam. (Have you seen the compliments your jeans have been getting?)

    Sarah xxx

  3. You know in that last photo of G'pop, he's holding Alison ;)

    I love that you love them so much you write about them. Yes Nana definitly had/has style, I love that she still wears sparkly hair clips and very rarely leaves the house without putting lippy on.

    Love ya xx