Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello Interweb!!!

Hello Interweb!
So, this is my first attempt at blogging. I wont pretend that I'm overly interesting or super cool, but lately I've been reading a lot of blogs about people who love vintage, who dress vintage every day, people who just generally love old stuff. I have always felt that i was born into the wrong era. I love old stuff. Its as simple as that. I love old clothes, old books, old houses, old trees, old movies, old music, old hairstyles. The list goes on. Up until a few months ago, i always felt i was alone in this passion for all things "olden days". It was only when i started searching for 1940's hairstyles that i came across several blogs belonging to gals who shared the same passions as me. Finally!!! I'm not alone!!!! So, i thought i would maybe try and contribute to the community i have discovered by blogging about my adventures in a modern world as an olden days gal.


A bit about me:
  • I'm 21 years old
  • I'm studying Nursing at Uni
Me, about to rock out to Alice Cooper, with victory rolls, at Sonisphere.

  • I have an awesome boyfriend who is generally just awesome
  • I have a cool family that lives all over the place
  • I don't have a tattoo
  • I love dressing in vintage and vintage inspired clothing
  • I love spending way too much time on my hair
  • I recently started swing dancing and it is soooo much fun
  • I'm quite clumsy. I try to avoid wearing white, as i spill anything and everything on myself
  • Despite being quite girly, i love camping and fishing and driving really big vehicles
  • I think you cant take yourself too seriously. Try to enjoy what your doing. Try not to get too upset if things don't work out

So, I will attempt to entertain people of the Internet with whats happening about the place. alternatively, you may use this blog as a tool to overcome insomnia, i wont be offended, i like helping people.

Cheerio for now,


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